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How to measure?

Here's our size chart reference diagram below, so we can know ourselves and our measurements. Please use the ancient new technology of a measuring tape to know yourself. For now, we're not launching any unnecessary features such as Virtual Try-On or AI Size Prediction. Enjoy the math exercises!

5 Heavenly Threads • Choosing Sizes and Styles

Once you have the measurements, it's easy to help style you outfits and choose the sizes for you, the living avatar.

We style you according to the 5 Heavenly Threads and 5 Elements principles from our design system of styles and colours. Just tap "Chat with Us" to style your new wardrobe, rooting from energy balancing colour principles.

Scroll Down & View This Product's Size Chart Below

Our sizing system roots from Eastern math and our gender neutral language of calligraphy, so please check the specific size chart for every single product. Kindly scroll down to see the specific size chart references for this product.

Gender Neutral

All our products are gender neutral, so just check the size chart. We have size charts and styles ranging from yin to yang, and one size fits all.

Restoring the Ancient New Styles

We create and hand-weave a combination of ready-to-wear products and create custom robes + outfits by request.

We recommend ordering soon as we hand weave the products and use eco shipping that usually takes around 15 days.
Many of our products are in small batches and limited in quantities, so if you like something, order before they're gone and you'll receive a gift worth more than discounts!

Our Tradition
Our tradition is to give you bougie gifts with minimal packaging, not discounts or bougie packaging.

We ship from Heaven to Earth
Interdependent on where you're shipping to, with our ancient new technology of inventory matching, we ship directly from our brothers and sisters in the villages of the East & West, who send the products to you. We ship from Heaven to Earth, East to West, West to East, East to East, and West to West. All 5 Directions of our Heaven & Earth Marketplace. Yin and Yang.

How to Measure Size Chart Diagrams

Supporting Roots & Branches
Your purchase, such as your outfits, directly supports our roots in the East and branches in the West. Your purchase directly inspires our brothers and sisters in the East to remember and practice Eastern traditions again, such as Tai Chi, Qigong, Cha Dao, and more, while at the same time, bringing forth authentic Eastern practices to you in the West.

Supporting each other in East & West
Your purchase supports the villagers of the East and West directly to restore the authentic ancient new styles and ancient new way of energy work practices and rituals.

Foundational Outfits
We also recommend the foundational qigong outfits, cloaks/robes/kimonos for layering, and the tops/pants from our 3 collections; all using breathable plant material such as linen and lyocell cotton blends that are great for all seasons. After ordering some foundational outfits, we do offer our customers custom daoist robes and any inquiries regarding bulk orders for classes.

Our math and language is Gender Neutral
A frequent question we get is around the gender of the products. All our products are for yin and yang, so feel free to order what you feel fits according to the size chart. We recommend sizing up as these are Asian sizes and if anything, keep the relaxing fit or shrink it a bit in the dryer. We also welcome new models as part of our customer editorial features, so new earth leaders can discover each other soon, in addition to the current models on the product pages.
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