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Sunstone & Green Quartz Bracelet • High Level Quality (Only 2 Left)

Sunstone & Green Quartz Bracelet • High Level Quality (Only 2 Left)

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Sunstone & Green Quartz Bracelet • High Level Quality (ONLY 2 LEFT)


High Quality, Natural, Free Flowing Energy

How to Use

Energy Work, Qigong, Tai Chi.

For every breath from business, tech work, gardening, hip hop, travelling to running errands.

Rebirth You and the New Earth.


Dear clients,

We are receiving record high volume orders. Operations are as usual, please order at least 3 weeks earlier, regardless of where you are globally. Please note we don’t choose to operate like Amazon, etc and have more mindful practices in place. You'll receive your order in about 2-3 weeks, depending on volume, logistics, and conditions.

All proceeds directly support villagers in the East & West, restoring your authentic Zen and Dao closet. We have global logistics partners and ship from and to Earth. Thanks so much for your support and patience.

You’ll receive an email about the estimated delivery date. Then you’ll receive another email about the tracking updates. And another email order confirmation about your jade gifts 🧧🧧🧧

You'll receive tracking updates for you and your gift recipients (by request) to time bend the celebrations. Enjoy!

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