Autumn/Winter • The Dao 道 of Zen Collection • When Hip Hop meets Martial Arts. When Qigong meets Dance.

Way of Outerwear

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Emperors' Favourites

For everywhere on Heaven & Earth in all New Earth Seasons. Shed the rigid business suits that block your energy. Turn business flow into zen energy flow state.

Dress up and down from wedding outfits to everyday energy flowing practices. Wedding outfits can be made to order, with hand weave mulberry silk. Introducing the restoration of our iconic Áo Dài Qigong Outfit.

As per Emperors' Requests. Since 5 months ago, Emperors have been requesting more energy flowing outfits like the Empress in the Heaven & Earth Qigong Outfit, in Emperors' Fit. Here it is, Emperors. These energy flowing fabrics are real effects of Heaven's Response, not photoshop!

Featuring Customers' Favourite Outfits • For Yin & Yang, everything is gender neutral, just check the size chart.

YANG's Favourite Outfits • Complete the energy flow frequency update with our tops and bottoms.

YIN & YANG Favourite Qigong Outfits • Energy Work

YIN's Favourite Outfits

Top Energy Flowing Outfits

New Earth Starter Pack • Try Light Grey/White Top with Light Green Jade / Blue Pants (Everything is Gender Neutral)

New Arrivals: The Dao of Zen Shoes Collection

Release, Rebirth, and Renewal
Cleaning out our closets
Cleaning out our closets
Cleaning out our closets

Shed the rigid business suits
that block the yin & yang energy flow.
Turn business flow into zen flow state.

Within a perfect yin & yang
blend of natural plants in
yin cotton softness,
holding the yang linen
roughness of durability.

Go from business to running errands,
energy work, work ins and work outs
in any New Earth Season on Heaven & Earth.
Go from work flow, pho flow, to
hip hop dance movement flow in a minute.

For Yin & Yang,
in Gender Neutral Fashion,
Yin within Yang, Yang within Yin.

Energy Work with Jade Empress Tech™

Jade Empress Tech™ is a Marketplace Platform that brings together East and West holistic principles of wellness. Welcome to Heaven and New Earth's Marketplace Platform, bringing forth the Ancient New. During the time of New Earth Rebirth, we restore and weave the Ancient New Way together.

Jade Emperor's Seal
for Jade Empress Tech™

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Jade Bamboo Scrolls

Reality transcends the duality of web 1 and web 3,
of physical and digital, of metaverse and universe.
To be a teacher is to be a student.

She designs nike & chanel,
buys all the nike shoes, and
becomes the Barefoot Doctor

— Jade Empress Tech™
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